The Prague central district sends a message to the tourists: „Enjoy your time, but also have a respect!“

Enjoy and Respect is the new campaign started by the Prague 1 municipality, which is the central district of the capital city of the Czech Republic and which also suffers from the highest amount of negative impact of the mass tourism.

Short-time rentals and loud noise during the night hours in the streets and houses – these are the local residents‘ biggest problems connected with tourism which are now returning after a break caused by covid-19. „We do realize that most of the foreign visitors are coming to Prague to see our historical monuments and enjoy our cultural life and that they are respectful to others. Unfortunately there are still many of those who forget that the houses and their apparments are also occupied by local people who need to sleep in the night and go to school or to work in the morning,“ said Petr Hejma, Mayor of Prague 1.

That is why Prague 1 starts a new communication campaign focused on tourists both in the problematic locations in the centre of the Czech capital city and also in their homeland countries even before their arrival.

„We offer unique monuments of our beautiful city, the charm of our historical streets, high-quality cultural events as well as a hospitality of our restaurants, but we also expect that our visitors will be respectful to our residents, to elder people, to families with children,“ stated Petr Hejma and added the following message to tourists: „Welcome to Prague and thank you very much for bringing a sustainable level of tourism in our historical city!“


Please, not like that!

„And this is how the whole night goes. We have a capacity of 80 beds in the yard, so lots of parties can come here at the same time. They come back to the apartments in the morning, sometimes they bring some ‚girls‘ with them. And we are at it again… „