Dear EU/EEA service providers,

We would like to remind you how to use the Point of Single Contact (PSC).

What the Point of Single Contact is?

The Points of Single Contact are portals for electronic authority services in the European Union. They were established with the EU 2006/123/EC „Services Directive“  and provide guidance in a range of administrative procedures. The purpose is to make official procedures easier, which are necessary for the providing service in a different member state.

Practical Assistance

The Point of Single Contact, in Czech: Jednotné kontaktní místo, can help you if

You are a citizen of an EU (as well as Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Lichtenstein).

You would like to offer and provide a service in Czechia.

From PSC you receive information regarding the provision of services (e. g. requirements for the cross-border provision services to the Czech Republic, licences, notifications or permits needed to start a business in the Czech Republic etc.), or you can submit written requests like applications relating to the business (e.g. application for recognition professional qualification). The Point of Single Contact receives applications for recognition qualification and forward them with the necessary documents to the responsible authority. For the applicants this means that they only need to contact one office throughout the entire procedure.

What does is mean service?

The term “service” includes various activity that are regulated in different laws in the Czechia. In the Czech Republic most of self-employed services are considered to be “trades”. The “trades” are subjects by law “n. 455/1991 Coll. o živnostenském podnikání (živnostenský zákon)” in English Trade Licencing Act.

The “trades” are classified as free trades and regulated trade. For free trades, no qualification is required (annex n. 4 to Trade Licencing Act). For regulated trade a qualification (certificate of competence) must be provided (annex n 1 – 3 Trade Licencing Act). Some services are not classified as “trades”. There are special regulations for these other self-employed service providers like advocate, architect, civil engineer, notary, veterinarians…Overview of business activities (included regulated trades) follow this link.

Where the PSC you can find in Czechia?

In the Czech Republic, information is concentrated on the ePSC that is part of the government portal         

You can submit individual request electronically, using an online form.  Please write what and how (cross-border or permanent establishment) would like to service  provide and choose free regional PSC but only one (the branch network is interconnected) or in person at one of our 15 contact points based at regional trade licensing offices. The service is voluntary and free of charge.